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Admin Quest

Hajji Pajji
RJ: Trade Merchant
CO: VonDutch

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Instead of the current Quest system.

What is your opinion if the admin made quest that fulfill the worlds needs.

So if you produced X amount of Electricity this Qtr for example?
Nick Sirock
RJ: Sam Sirock
CO: Nick Sirock

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I feel like this is a good idea, especially in the first few months, except that everyone might all start producing the same products.
Would this progress up the supply chain to supply things like Electricity, Water, Chemicals, Plastic, and Steel to producers?
How will you as the admin gauge what the world needs?
And would it be required to sell the product? People could just make a bunch of the product and keep it in the warehouse for themselves. Or they could post it on the B2B for unreasonable prices just to complete the quest.

Also not sure if messaging works on the losteconomy server, but I just sent a message about an exploit that allows you to get unlimited funds, please let me know if you got it.

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