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Can all products be produced at base value?

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Paco Co
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Yeah miss those times... i was running a great diamonds company ;) even from export only.
I could actually export for a higher price than i could sell on the market...
David Archer
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Alright, here's the link to the "balancing" spreadsheet that contains the recipes for every product in the game (read-only but you can download to Excel):


Water and Electricity are held constant at $0.10

Everything else is calculated based on the cost of producing 1 unit in a 10m^2 factory with all input raw materials costed based on their "Min Total Cost". "Min Total Cost" just means that for products with multiple recipes, we'll use whichever one ends up with the least cost so, for instance, Fiberglass is priced based on the cost to produce it at a Petrochem Plant, not an Aircraft/Watercraft factory.

Since I'm using the minimum total cost, the crystal factory recipes sorted themselves out because it's cheaper to mine them directly than to produce in the crystal factory so there's no circular reference there.

Some interesting results and I'm actually surprised you can even do this in Excel but it's basically recursively generating costs for the entire economy. If you drop water down to $0.06, the effects across all products is instantly shown. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, Scott, something to look at and consider. Hope it helps. At the very least, this may be helpful if you're ever adding new products or tweaking existing recipes to be able to easily see what the impact is.
Scott (Admin)
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Thanks guys for all your efforts, I played around with the numbers on my end, and to my dismay they are even worse than yours.

After spending a couple of hours I've decided to use this formula:
Base value = direct cash cost + 2 * (maintenance + salary at 10 m^2) + 1.2 * (raw material base value)

The 2x accounts for salary and maintenance during building expansion.
The 1.2x accounts for EoS (at -40%) and profit (at +100%).

I'll be adjusting the sale rate also to make the pricier items sell a little faster.

There's also a derived variable I call "profit/time" which may be even more important. But I suppose the market will take care of that with supply/demand at work.
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