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Company Struck By Meteor And Destroyed?

Herb Derpman
RJ: Herb Derpman
CO: Herb Derpman

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I haven't played in a while, but I decided to login and sell my companies and I noticed one of them is missing. I searched through my news and found this message:

"Derpman Electronics struck by a meteor.
Nobody saw it coming, but a comet suddenly changed its direction as it passed near Earth's orbit, and fell directly on top of Derpman Electronics's headquarters, destroying all buildings in the area.
Derpman Electronics is history, but fortunately you were able to obtain 125,381,698,564.41 from the insurance company."

Anybody know what's up with that? Because that's kinda shitty.
Jurry Hart
RJ: jurry
CO: Jurre

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I thinks it's to cleanup old inactive companies, it happens when no activity is seen on the company, but I'm not sure about the time that has to pass to happen. Had same thing happen.
Bob Malone
RJ: Bob Malone
CO: Malone

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Has scott been hit also by a meteor ?
Huginn penis
RJ: Kou Ichinomiya
CO: Huginn RollbackRequester

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At least your company went down in style.
Jayson Drake Tan
RJ: Ben
CO: Ben

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yes, went down in style.. Mine went down because of an erupting volcano.. lol

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