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Downward spike in retail sales

Andrew Turner
RJ: Thomas Lazygun

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I woke up this morning to find that two and a half hours ago, all my retail sales spiked down to zero for a single tick.

The market price and quality spiked in the opposite direction simultaneously. I doubt my company is large enough yet to affect the market, because I'm still struggling to achieve even 1% market share. So my company is not the only one in that situation.

It's no big deal, but I'm curious about what happened.
James Tate
RJ: Nickelas James Tate

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I'm gonna say its to deal with the large effort to break the game that is currently happening. Someone(s) is getting their jollies on ruining this free game.
Brent Goode
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CO: BB Goode

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This leads into a thread I was just gong to start, so I will tag in, if you don't mind.

Something is definitely amiss here. Every day I get up to find that the bulk of the import market has jumped even higher. And it isn't just food. There are numerous imports that are now priced above the "world retail price" listed in the stores. The idea of that is so ludicrous that I can't even laugh at it anymore. How can we play a market-based game, when the market "bases" don't make any sense?

I have, and will continue to harp on this point: without firm parameters and controls, this "game" will never get truly going. I know it says there are 2600 or so "active players," but I would be shocked if there were even 260 actual daily players. The markets do not respond like there are anywhere near that many players inputting. The only reason there can be an assault on the platform, is that there is nothing in place to stop it. Not even minimum controls. Imports should never be more that about 60% of "world retail." Having been a wholesaler in RL, I can tell you that 40% net margin is your minimal target for profitability.

And yes, I am seeing those spikes as well. I make no pretense to knowing what the real problem is myself, having only been here a short while, but there is definitely a problem. And it shows in the daily play of the game. I hope Scott can fix it. I truly do. This has such great potential.

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