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Food riots!

Andrew Turner
RJ: Thomas Lazygun

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Lazygun Ltd announce that despite the panic buying and food riots, we are still in business!

Consumers ransacked the farmer's market, taking a normal day's stock off the shelves in just an hour or two. Sales rates went up by between 500% and 1000% and the company was forced to raise prices to dampen demand.

Our shelves were empty or nearly empty so we also hurriedly restocked the market to take advantage of the huge increase in demand. Erm, I mean, to better serve our customers.

Apparently one of our necessary transactions was reported as suspicious behaviour. We assure you that no dishonesty was intended. We were merely in such a hurry to resupply our market that we did not realize we could obtain beef sausages cheaper on the import market.

Art M
RJ: Matrix

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Yep, that's why import market should be dampened quiet a bit and prices be raised, especially on food it seems. I just learned about import market 10 min ago, i was in shock.
David Donlon
RJ: Fenious Buttersmith

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Teach those Chinese farmers to be asleep while our food riots are ongoing.

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