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New Features

Brent Goode
RJ: BB Goode
CO: BB Goode

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I really like the "My B2B" button on company pages.
I would like to see building specs on those pages. It seems more appropriate than their rather proprietary research figures. I can always drive up to a factory to see how big it is. I can't go inside and ask for their research reports.

Just sayin...
David Archer
RJ: BallC
CO: BallC

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Well, with the rankings, you already see top research for other companies so it's not like it's a "secret". Although I agree on the buildings since you can "see" the buildings for people on the Top 10 list.
Bob Malone
RJ: Bob Malone
CO: Malone

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Keeping some things secret is nice IMHO, it brings some mistery into the game :)

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