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Replacing/augmenting B2B market with Vickrey auctions

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Francis Gerard
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Woo, Google uses it: whee. This isn't a simulation of selling advertising online, this is a simulation of building & selling cars, boats, fruits, etc.

I'm really very curious why you think that the inclusion of a deliberately non-"capitalism" mechanic in a "capitalism" game would be a good idea?

It's one thing to have a non-stylistic mechanic because of implementation difficulties (ie the current stock market system), but to deliberately, and with malice aforethought, skip over the easy to implement stylistic system for something harder to implement, and less on point is mind-boggling.
Matthew Suozzo
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I really have to ask:
1. Why are you so confrontational?
2. Did you read my other posts?
3. What is your definition of capitalism?
4. Why is implementing the less easy solution "malicious"?
5. If the point of this forum topic was to discuss Vickrey auctions, what is the point of actively mocking my arguments? Why don't you just discuss it like the rest of us?
Billy Vierra
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I actually work for a manufacturer as the IT Director so I see this daily. We have price sheets that have the price, turn around time depending on size, and if its considered readily available. If a product we use often is getting low on quantity and may effect us they let us know. I see this pretty comparable with what is currently in the game.

Would we ever purchase something at auction, sure (say if a company went into bankruptcy and a court ordered it). Anything purchased would be considered extra stock so we didn't need to buy more in the future. We would NEVER rely on an auction system where you put a bid in and don't even know in the end if you will get it. This would require you put bids on multiple auctions in hope you will get it or over bid what you want to pay because you are afraid of not getting it.

I am pretty sure that I read the time fact is 1 RL hr is equivalent to 50 game hours. Now imagine that you place a bid for something ending in 1 hour, that would be over a day of not knowing if you are getting the product. If the auction is 1 day, that's over a month of not knowing.

While I could see an auction system for finished goods that enhance your company, such as a special oil rig that took 100x the amount of items and time a normal one takes, to do it for materials you need would be detrimental to the game. It takes a huge part of the realism away. Since we do not currently have special goods that enhance your company, I think it is really premature to put an auction system in.
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