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Sell company

Mac Macer
RJ: Justmac
CO: Dirk

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Joined: Feb 29, 2016
Hi, i want to sell one of my companies but there is B2B sales under investigation. What investigation? I wait for weeks to sell my company,but that is not possible because of the strange message. Whats happening?
I read the same question here in the forum from 2015,but no answers. I hope i get answer now!

Thank you
Bruce Heitz
RJ: Berkeley Food & Farm
CO: Berkeley

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I don't know what actually would have caused the game to trigger the B2B investigation. Can you copy and paste that message with any details you can so we can see what it actually says? I've never seen that happen. Check for any of your outstanding B2B orders still listed on the market and let us know if that company in question has any.

Which company are you trying to sell? If you prefer to message me privately with his info, feel free to do so.

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