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Test server

Marco Smit
RJ: Ocram
CO: Smit

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I play on the normal server,but is it still possible to play on the test server?
Bob Malone
RJ: Bob Malone
CO: Malone

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Not sure how you can technically register to the test server but it's basically the same without stocks and even less players so ...
Paul Jikanski
RJ: Paul Jikanski
CO: Paul Jikanski

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Yes it is possible to play on test. I play on both servers. At the top right of the screen next to the login/logout buttons there are buttons for CapOL EoS and Test EoS which are self explanatory as to which one is which. Just click on the Test EoS and start a company.
At least that's how it works for me, but I also created my account roughly 4 years ago.

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