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This game is starting to affect my mind

David Stark
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CO: David Stark

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So I think it's fairly normal that whatever game you're playing a lot of starts to affect your way of thinking. I remember that when I was playing lots of Deus Ex, whenever I encountered a tight group of people, I had this momentary thought of "ooh, a grenade could take out the lot of them". Which was... kind of worrying.

Now with EOS, I have started paying attention to the prices of things in stores, wondering about what kind of profit margins they have, what the store's rent and other fixed costs are likely to be, how much up-front investment was likely needed to set it up, etc. All crowding in my head while I'm just trying to buy ingredients for dinner.

And the quality system has also invaded my head. I see a nice scarf and think "ooh, that scarf must be at least Q30!"

I guess it's better than the grenades thing.
Al White
RJ: Valin

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Hehe, I am with you! I understand that it is a subconscious thing, but it still happens. :-)

This game is slowly pervading my mind. Tell me it's not a new 'borg plot? ;-)
Josh Millard
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The site I work for gets a lot of random spam in our contact form inbox. And historically I've always just sort of chuckled at the really nonsense stuff and skipped past it. But a subset of that is catching my eye now, the stuff that had previously been the weird sort of WTF spam that no one would ever read, because it's bids for sales or purchase of random manufactured goods.

So, for example:

Sir I'm the Importer of used clothing in Pakistan Grade Items in Big Bales,
Do you have any Items for export me?
Please Let me know!
Company Address:

Please feel free to call me at


And I'm like, okay, but Q15? Q30?
Chris Barber
RJ: Cholmondeley Smyph

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This started happening to me, looking at consumer goods and thinking of product lines. The brand name 'Colgate-Palmolive' suddenly makes 1000% more sense and you start thinking, "Wow, if I only I could get into plastic packaging manufacturing..."
Brent Goode
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I have worked in, and owned retail most of my life. I have been an importer, and I have sold overseas. I have owned my own production facilities. I have been put out of business by the Chinese stealing my designs and trying to sell them back to me, and selling them to my customers at the same time.

Scott is so close on so many levels that it is frightening. I will sometimes go through a series of transactions and wonder how you would put it into a game/sim. I totally get where you guys are coming from. And I find myself less critical of the whole platform everyday.

Now, if we only had some emoticons....

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