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What constitutes fraud in this game?

Weicong Sng
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I intend to create a second company. However i've yet to choose which industry to dive into. The thing is, my current company always have a huge surplus of gold bars as my mines and smelters are outproducing my other factors of production. My designer handbags/shoes just can't produce at a rate to match my gold bar production. I used to B2B them away for $$$, but the thing is if I create a second company that deals with gold watches, can i choose to transfer the gold bar over to my 2nd company at
Option 1: $0.01 aka essentially free
Option 2: Cost of producing it, maybe around $200?
Option 3: $700-800 or in short, the price by which everyone is selling at.
Well option 3 is clearly not fraud. But for the sake of my new company's growth it wouldn't make sense to pay for overpriced gold bars from my very first company. So..... option 1 or 2? Is it even "ethical" to transfer resources between my companies anyway? I understand it is not in my shareholders' interest if I do either option 1 or (to some extent) option 2.

I've yet to create my second company, but I need to know more before I get investigated for fraud I didn't know I committed.
Ay Vee
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My understanding (which is not definitive by any means is):
-If the transfer is between two private companies, both owned by the same owner then transfer at whatever price you want. (Note though, that if you tried to post the gold bars at 0.01 and there was an export market, they'd immediately sell at the export price)

-If the either company is publicly traded, then the transfer should happen at a price which could be rationalized. Ie- selling at cost of production makes no sense wrt the interests of the selling comapany's shareholders, buying at 1000x equivalent product price makes no sense to the interests of the buying company's shareholders, but anything reasonably near either the prevailing market is ok.

Edit:(This is based on my understanding of old b2b transaction flagged for investigation threads, not the lawsuit stuff from the past couple days)
zxektok megatron
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transfer at minimum wholesale price X 2 and you will be fine.
if you try and sell below a minimum threshold - it will automatically get bought.
Richard Ripberger
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I try to price somewhere just below market price by 10-20% Min of 2X cost.
Victoria Raverna
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If your company is a public company then you should do option 3. If it is private company, you still want to do option 3 but since you can transfer fund from and to private company, you can sell it for the 700-800 then send the money back to the gold watch company.

If you choose option 1 or 2, you risk helping other because when you post it on B2B, someone can snap it up before you purchase it with your second company.

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