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Zombie Corps

Jay Moore
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Here is the endgame of the 'liquidator' - three types of companies out there: the few healthy ones with active majority ownership, the dead/dying ones with a majority shareholder(s), and the rest - the Zombie companies that have been pillaged to the point where they literally cannot be rescued..ZERO assets that could be sold, and no capital.

I mean at least leave some water/electricity behind!
M Burch
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CO: Farmerbob

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There are a couple companies that I have seen, which, if I had a couple billion $$ to put into them could be resurrected because they have good, high tech stuff researched. That's the extent of their value though.

The problem being, of course, that you cannot raise any money for the corp at all unless 80%+ of the stock is owned, since personal donations into publicly traded companies can't happen.

So get a whole bunch of money together. Buy an 80% stake in some zombie corp. Issue stock. Buy stock. Issue stock, buy stock. Eventually get to a point where you issue enough stock for enough money that you can actually build a production line of the high value items.

The problem here being that you can almost certainly o the exact same thing cheaper by simply starting a brand new company and forcing research as fast as possible.

Once companies get to a certain point, their tech research should be auctioned off to players to pay their debts, and the offices closed forever.
Arlene Breh
RJ: Arlene
CO: Tom

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I think the real kicker here is that once a public company has no inventory there's no way to transfer money in. I think the infamous Bacon Sammich is like this. I bought a few because I thought it would be cheaper than starting a new company, plus that process was buggy, but alas, it is not.

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