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arnar ingolfsson
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hi all i was starting new company and i like to build it op from only 500.000 and what i have done is build farmer market and toy story!!! and i have bought the toy and the food to fill the shops and now i have toy and food to sell next 24 hours. Now i like to know if i should make my shops bigger (both 1m²) or should i use the money for marketing i only have 44.000 left
this is my marketing for farmer +39.84% (if i marketing 44.75%)
and this is for my toy shop +39.21% (if i marketing 44.34%)
any advise welcome
chris young
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CO: Chris Young

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I would say marketing.
Brent Goode
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Spending for such a small return through Marketing is not as productive as building more size in your markets. The bang for your buck will be greater in expansion at this moment.

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