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Increasing One's Personal Cash

Mando Lino
RJ: Mandolino
CO: Mondello

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How is it done?

The B2B sales were reflected on the company assets AND NOT on the player's stats. Of course, salary can do it, but are there other ways?

I was forced to get a loan even though my company reflected 36+M worth.
Brent Goode
RJ: BB Goode
CO: BB Goode

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There are two ways to increase your personal cash.
First, pay yourself. This can be done through the City tab, under your HQ. There is a button to let you set your salary and bonus numbers.
Second, a Reverse Transfer of cash in the Bank screen of the City tab. By using a minus sign (-) in front of the number you are transferring, the money will come from the company account into your personal account.
Fellocius Boille
RJ: Mondello
CO: Boille

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Thanks, Brent-- you're good, er I mean Goode!

That was very helpful.

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