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On the ease of crashing markets

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James D
RJ: JimiD

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With cheap strawberries, shouldn't someone be buying them and processing them into more valuable goods? If enough people followed this, and why wouldn't you, then they would eventually soak up the excess.

I guess this is exaggerated by a small player base and all new players given a limited choice about what to start with.
Roald Adriaansen
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There ARE some players doing that, and I am buying the products of that :P

Those players love the low cost strawberries as it earns them more money.

Supply vs demand.
Working correctly.
Paul Giggs
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Then there are those smart newbies whom were using that cheap strawberry to make new products out of and they have been making a lot of money (for a new person that is).

As a strawberry farmer that is what I did. Built a beverage factory and R&D and started churning out strawberry smoothies and milk.
Brent Goode
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I have to admit, I ended up doing the cheap strawberries in my grocery. It was a nice little boost to the bottom line, and the market did work.
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